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Bitterfontein, Bitterfontein
R 580 000

This home is located in Bitterfontein, on the N7 Cape to Namibia route & is perfect for retirement or as guesthouse. The area is very quiet & perfect for those who wants to escape the city. Some TLC needed, so price is negotiable.

Listing No: P24-106029900
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Bitterfontein Rural, Bitterfontein
R 1 855 000

Think 660ha. So, umm -Bitterfontein, passionately curious? A bit of a steep drive from the Mother City. But, so, so worth it! Come, cross this invisible line- 450 km from Cape Town into a world of uneven ground, of treeless hills and mist-filled hollows and mountainous ravines. This is raw land. This is the Knersvlakte, on the northernmost area of the Western Cape province. Bitterfontein and the Knersvlakte welcomes you. This land holds it's own quiet beauty. Sometimes seen as vast empty land stretching into the horizon. But, hold your horses. Here, on this farmland nothing can dim your light. Come, sit on your long stoep, unwind your mind and let new thoughts flow. Yip, we presume you live and operate in "the race. “Being here will make you realize it’s a race not worth running. This is the ideal land for you "Mr Weekend-farmer"! Your Gemsbok, Springbok & Damara's will be foraging when you arrive. No refurbishment needed, & already furnished - what a bargain!. Just pack your 'nice-to-have's' and pitch. There is not much more to say than – whatever you decide to do. Make sure it makes you happy. *Loose assets included as well as selection of game & livestock. Size: 600 ha. Location: 100km from Bitterfontein. Composition: 600ha: Veldt and mountainous plains with dry riverbeds and ravines. Water: 2 Boreholes fitted with solar pumps for livestock watering. 6 x Plastic water tanks: 5x 5000l & 1 x 2000l. Improvements: House (200m2): with 3 bedrooms & 1 bathroom (Furnisher and crockery included). The stoep is partially enclosed. Shed for vehicle or storage(as big as a single garage). No Eskom electricity. The house is wired for a power generator but lamps, candles and gas are currently used. Fencing: Jackal-proof. Climate: Bitterfontein normally receives about 98mm of rain per year and because it receives most of its rainfall during winter it has a Mediterranean climate. It receives the lowest rainfall (0mm) in January and the highest (19mm) in July. the average midday temperatures for Bitterfontein range from 18.3°C in July to 30.1°C in February. The region is the coldest during July when the mercury drops to 5.9°C on average during the night.

Listing No: P24-105733835
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