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Paterson, Paterson
R 19 750 000

Let the next adventure in your life begin with an African Game Farm with the comforts of off-grid living European style. This remarkable property awaits, with the current owners having spared no expense in operating a successful game farm with completely self-sufficient living. The owners are down scaling due to age, and this creates the opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime for the fortunate purchaser. Continue with the fruits of already planted seeds or start afresh adding your very own special touches be those continued hunting, leisure, game breading , tourism a retreat or sanctuary the foundations have been laid and are waiting. We have extensive information on the property and will provide this on request. Only you can make the move to start your very own African adventure and feel the beat of Africa flow through your veins. To live it, start today by making contact.

Listing No: P24-104999839
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Paterson, Paterson
R 9 000 000

Location The farm is situated in the Kommadagga area north of Oliphantskop pass and within an easy 11km of the N10. Size Made up of a single title deed the farm is approximately 893ha in extent. Description This farm is the textbook example of an easily managed livestock farm with the added bonus of having various game species which provide an additional income stream. Fully developed on the stock handling side and well stocked with naturally occurring game as well as introduced blesbuck and springbuck (heart water) it is now well balanced and would require little input or alteration from either a managerial or infrastructural perspective. The topography, while short of being described as mountainous, is steeply undulating in parts but mostly flat. It is definitely varied enough to be interesting, but is still traversable via robust 2 wheel drive. The lowest point on the farm is 520m above sea level with the highest point being 700m. The extraordinary healthy state of the Karoo veld here is definitely what sets it apart from similar properties, and adds a dimension that is both aesthetically pleasing and very useful in terms of serving as a buffer in the winter months. The current owner runs 800 angoras, 150 merinos and 10 head of cattle. Veld types This sweet veld farm has a good mix of valley bushveld, karoo shrubs and herbs plus grassland. While the bulk of the property would be described as transitional Karoo veld, of interest was the density and quality of grass species that actually dominate in places the usual array of Karoo succulents. The lower elevations and drainage lines had healthy stands of cenchrus and pannicums. Climbing out of the basin and these grasses are superseded by a band of setaria which is initially mixed with, and at higher elevations dominated by the aristidas. These grasses were, as mentioned, complimented by a healthy variety of Karoo succulents, most of which appeared short, and well utilized. Perhaps one of the most significant features of the available grazing is the diversity of edible karoo shrubs which would become absolutely invaluable during the dryer months. In the main browse is typical of the area with the “lolli pop “ Jacket Plums, Guarri, Sweet Thorn, Wild Olive, Shepard’s Tree, Spekboom and Schotias dotted at random across the veld. Overall the browse quality is good as is evident by the number and health of the resident kudu population. Rainfall The farm falls in a predominately summer rainfall area with an annual average of +- 400mm. Game species Judging by the condition of both the game and the veld, a good balance of species and numbers has been obtained. Current count is approx: Kudu at least 20 + (resident) Blesbuck 40 Springbuck (heart water) 300 Steenbok numerous Duiker numerous Warthog numerous Mountain Reedbuck several Infrastructure Main House – The main house has 3 double bedrooms, (all en suite). It includes an open plan lounge and dining area, as well as a playroom and office. There is a pool with a lovely pool house which is currently being used as an entertainment area. In conjunction to the pool house there is a Jacuzzi and tennis court, which needs a bit of attention. There is a garage with 2 x lean-to, as well as a workshop, loft and butchery which includes a 3x3m cold room. Top House – The top house consists of two loft rooms, as well as one ground level bedroom. There is a lounge, kitchen and bathroom. There is also a nearby stable, which is used as an entertainment area. In addition there is a church and shearing shed included in the infrastructure. All the camps have water as there are round concrete troughs in every camp. The camps have a netted perimeter plus a division in the middle. There are 3 kraals (church camp/windmill camp/main camp around house) and 2 dip tanks which are currently in use. There is a cattle handling kraal with sliding gates and a loading ramp. The farm also has a horse ring. The water infrastructure is well developed supplying water to the 10 camps. There is a 30m deep borehole near to a small dam and it’s equipped with a windmill. Another borehole delivers water at a rate of 15 000lts per hour. Below the largest dam is a borehole that delivers at a rate of 10 000lts per hour and this hole is equipped with an electric submersible pump (40lt/min and 100m of head). There are also 3 old historical fountains. The farm has a large dam (+- 400m long X 60m wide and 4m deep) which holds +- 96 million liters. Said dam is used to gravity irrigate +- 6ha of lands near the main house. The farm is supplied with 3 phase electricity. Conclusion This farm would be a very good “turn key” acquisition for someone not wanting to spend extra time and money of developing a property. The whole set up is very functional and well designed with simple and more than adequate infrastructure; the whole property would be very easily and cheaply managed. It is within a comfortable 90 minutes of Port Elizabeth and easily accessible off the tar road. The farm is large enough, and with a varied and challenging topography, to still have the wilderness feel about it, while still being easily manageable and affordable. For the PE executive, there couldn’t be many better places to invest in ones weekend and holiday enjoyment. A proposed wind farm project for the greater area may see the farm benefiting from 2 wind turbines and a sub station which could provide a passive income should this development come into fruition. Price R 9 million + VAT . game fenced housing Garages : 2

Listing No: P24-105081903
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Paterson, Paterson
R 21 500 000

Yes, It is for sale, it is available and it is a prime property. Time to make it your own. About 15km from Addo Elephant Park and bordering a famous wildlife hunting farm. The extent of this property exceeds 1100 hectares and it is surrounded by prime wildlife estates. This is a unique investment, reasonably close to Port Elizabeth (being the main city with international airport). The Boesmans river goes through the farm and it has a backdrop of majestic mountains. There are currently 2 dwellings on the property. One new and the other the original farm house. An advantage is that the farm is currently divided into 7 portions - owner wishes to sell as a unit but multiple registrations can take place. The most beautiful views are available on this farm - it would certainly make well as an international attraction. The Sunday River mouth is also a good attraction and within easy reach. This is definitely an excellent investment opportunity. This 1100ha farm is in an area that is well known for its natural diversity. It is reasonably close to Shamwari reserve as well. This farm has stunning 360 degree views and is situated in one of the most beautiful places in our country. Being part of an estate is has to sell. Do not delay - phone your Realtor today to secure this property for you. (Farm's exact registration boundaries available on request)

Listing No: P24-105185781
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Paterson, Paterson
R 16 000 000

Situated 50km from Port Elizabeth, bordering the Addo Elephant National Park, a 998ha game fenced farm. It is used as a Cattle/Game Farm, a farm with high carrying capacity (3,5ha/LSU). Rainfall +/- 650mm per annum. The farm has open grass veld areas with typical Addo thicket creating a natural game farm. Buildings include a historical homestead, flat, garaging and storage sheds. The property has 2 cellphone towers generating an income (R12 500.00 plus VAT per month). Water is supplied by boreholes, 2 of them have just recently been established. Game includes approx 50 Impala, 29 Eland, 27 Blesbuck, 2 Giraffe, 50 Zebra, 34 Waterbuck, 12 Red Hartebeest, 50 Kudu, 32 Nyala plus other Indigenous Species.

Listing No: P24-101700142
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Paterson, Paterson
R 17 340 000

A developed farm on prime location, planted with pastures in tranquil surroundings with immaculate views. In the heart of the big 7 country lies this 671 Ha active development opportunity and existing game farm. Only 30 km from the Sunday river mouth and a mere 68 km from the Port Elizabeth. The magnificent double storey, 500 sq metre Cape Dutch residence with elegant and expansive, newly renovated, open plan living and entertainment areas, leads to a stunning patio and pool area, and is set in an award winning indigenous Karoo garden. The farm size modern kitchen with gleaming wooden features such as origin pine flooring makes the most use of the stunning views. 450 Ha is fully game fenced and is situated in an area renowned for its natural diversity. Undoubtedly it is as good as the adjacent Shamwari game reserve and close to the Addo Elephant park. Various wildlife, including Kudu, Rooibuck, Springbuck, Zebra, Ostrich and smaller game roam this private game reserve. The improvements consist of 6 boreholes, 3 earth dams, a landing strip for light aircrafts, steel construction face brick shed, 2 reinforced grain silo, storerooms and garages. The farm is suitable and has the potential for: livestock farming, game, guest house, hydro/spa, lodge, conference and wedding venue or any leasure industry that specifically targets the luxury market. For sale as a going concern at R17 340 000.

Listing No: P24-103675459
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Paterson, Paterson
R 12 000 000

Situated at the foot of the Zuurberg Pass, this famous has intrigued passers by for decades. This history is intimately linked with the development of the nineteenth century. In 1838, Sir George Napier became Governor of the Cape and he travelled throughout the region assessing its problems and potential. It was his initiative that resulted in a program of road works, one of which was the building of the Zuurberg Pass. The Zuurberg which was described as an impassable Zuurberg represents an area of major climatic and floral types, more than can be found in such a small area anywhere in South Africa. The weather accommodates this huge diversity and provides a smorgasbord of seasons on a daily basis. In 1918 the shop on the property carried an extensive inventory with many products of which the brand names are still familiar. By 1936 sales of petrol from the Pegasus Motor Spirit pump together with oil are the major sales. Shoeing of horses and repairs to wagon tyres are still recorded but increasingly infrequent. As the world became faster, more efficient and impersonal, The Villa crumbled quietly into a home for the (rock hyrax), monkeys, birds and the reptiles of the area. It lived on in local legend and history. The villa sleeps 11 (4 double and 3 single bedrooms), 3 bathrooms, sitting room, games room with snooker table, dining room, kitchen, laundry, original 1864 shop (part of the tour), drying room and verandas upstairs and downstairs. It was built in 1864 and was restored respecting its authenticity. There is space for a further 2 bathrooms. The school house is in the process of restoration (nearly complete), and comprise 3 double bedrooms all en suite, sitting room/ dining room combined and kitchen. The oldest is the original cottage built by the trekboer Grobbelaar in about 1780. It comprises 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen and study (or third bedroom), and veranda. Integrated into the cottage is a large (art) studio (the old wagon repair shop), shed and the registered 1855 blacksmith museum. Water can be obtained from an automated borehole and rain water tanks, the property also boasts with an 1,8 m high electrified fence to keep wild life out. This unique income earning property is close to the Addo game reserve and for sale at R12 000 000.

Listing No: P24-103675226
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