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    57 Wessels Road Rivonia Sandton

About Keller Williams Clockwork Sandton

The Keller Williams Belief System At the core of Keller Williams Realty is a conviction that who you are in business with matters. We believe that the company we keep can contribute to our lives in untold ways. To help cement this understanding, we’ve formalized a belief system called the WI4C2TS that guides how we treat each other and how we do business. Win-Win: or no deal Integrity: do the right thing Customers: always come first Commitment: in all things Communication: seek first to understand Creativity: ideas before results Teamwork: together everyone achieves more Trust: starts with honesty Success: results through people

Featured Agents
  • Amarille Vermooten-Vorster
    Amarille Vermooten-Vorster
  • Andrew Goodwin
    Andrew Goodwin
  • Anna Chernenkova
    Anna Chernenkova
  • Anton Tromp
    Anton Tromp
  • Ayanda Mabaso
    Ayanda Mabaso
  • Blanche Pennekin
    Blanche Pennekin
  • Bryan Aling
    Bryan Aling
  • Carol-Ann Spadoni
    Carol-Ann Spadoni
  • Clara Kuzhangaira
    Clara Kuzhangaira
  • Debbie Lureman
    Debbie Lureman
  • Gillian Holding
    Gillian Holding
  • Helena O'Sullivan
    Helena O'Sullivan
  • Henry Dean
    Henry Dean
  • Ilze van Deventer
    Ilze van Deventer
  • Jasoda Pillay
    Jasoda Pillay
  • Jodi Shearer
    Jodi Shearer
  • Joyce Matiza
    Joyce Matiza
  • Keza Ryan
    Keza Ryan
  • Kira Cannon
    Kira Cannon
  • Laverne Jacobs
    Laverne Jacobs
  • Levy Thubela
    Levy Thubela
  • Lilo Tanneback
    Lilo Tanneback
  • Liz Ellice
    Liz Ellice
  • Liz Pereira
    Liz Pereira
  • Maleke Mosetle
    Maleke Mosetle
  • Mariska Hamel
    Mariska Hamel
  • Matsi Menu
    Matsi Menu
  • Mosa Kutu
    Mosa Kutu
  • Mzwandile Radebe
    Mzwandile Radebe
  • Nonhli Sephula
    Nonhli Sephula
  • Osa Osaregie
    Osa Osaregie
  • Pamela Ngwenya
    Pamela Ngwenya
  • Rensie Koedyk
    Rensie Koedyk
  • Rhonda Williams
    Rhonda Williams
  • Shawn Armer
    Shawn Armer
  • Tosan Oshokoya
    Tosan Oshokoya
  • Zikhona Gaven
    Zikhona Gaven
  • Bata Jakovljevic
    Bata Jakovljevic
  • Lauren Baney
    Lauren Baney
  • Charline De Wet
    Charline De Wet
  • Joseph Mpinganjira
    Joseph Mpinganjira
  • Justus Broderick
    Justus Broderick
  • Ivette Thorpe
    Ivette Thorpe
  • Lindie Baliso
    Lindie Baliso
  • Howard Ntsomela
    Howard Ntsomela
  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens
  • Denalee Drotskie
    Denalee Drotskie
  • Fahmida Cara
    Fahmida Cara
  • Mario Martins
    Mario Martins
  • Sanele Dlamini
    Sanele Dlamini
  • Liesl Pagel
    Liesl Pagel
  • Bianca Polovina
    Bianca Polovina
  • Hillel Eschur
    Hillel Eschur
  • Taryn Minihold
    Taryn Minihold
  • Saajida Ellahi
    Saajida Ellahi
  • Lara Price
    Lara Price
  • Mash Shoai
    Mash Shoai
  • Rolo Armer
    Rolo Armer
  • Michelle Boca
    Michelle Boca
  • Heidi Lynn
    Heidi Lynn
  • Nthabiseng Mokoto
    Nthabiseng Mokoto
  • Deshlyn Reddy
    Deshlyn Reddy
  • Melissa Lindecke
    Melissa Lindecke
  • Lungelo Biyana
    Lungelo Biyana
  • Carlo Minenza
    Carlo Minenza
  • Suresh Dullabh
    Suresh Dullabh
  • Belinda Welensky
    Belinda Welensky