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*we are not your ordinary real estate company!*_ __We like to think that we stand out amongst other real estate firms in many ways, but FIVE areas, in particular, define Keller Williams Realty__ • Education #1 in the world • Number of agents we are #1 in the world • Wealth Building - Unique system in the world • Culture - Unique culture in the world • Marketing & Technology - Superb systems

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  • Riaan van Deventer
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    Alda Geyser
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    Chima Okonkwo
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    Claudia Matsabe
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    Cobus Engelbrecht
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    Cobus Meyer
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    Colin van Scheltema
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    Conrad Vorster
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    Corné Lodewyckx
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    Dineo Mogobe
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    Edda Davidson
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    Edge Academy
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    Elize Van Der Walt
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    Elmarie Riddick
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    Emmanuel Mbiye
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    Eric Nefdt
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    Ethel Coetzee
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    Evelyn van Eck
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    Franciska Davis
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    Francois Rademan
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    Frederick van Zyl
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    Frik Botha
  • Gerhard van Rooyen
    Gerhard van Rooyen
  • Gertrude Khabola
    Gertrude Khabola
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    Gift Ntayingane
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    Jaco Maartens
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    Jacqueline Scholtz
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    Jade Povey
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    Jana Vorster
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    Janet Hubbard
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    Jerome Naicker
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    JJ Oberholzer
  • Johan Erasmus
    Johan Erasmus
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    Johann Coetzer
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    Johann Koekemoer
  • John Verster
    John Verster
  • Josua de Jager
    Josua de Jager
  • Juliana Papenfus
    Juliana Papenfus
  • Karien Burger
    Karien Burger
  • Karin Mitcham
    Karin Mitcham
  • Kathy East
    Kathy East
  • Kenny Emedo
    Kenny Emedo
  • Kenny McDonald
    Kenny McDonald
  • Kerry-Lee Louw
    Kerry-Lee Louw
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    Kiran Singh
  • Lebogang Maruping
    Lebogang Maruping
  • Lenny Kodzi
    Lenny Kodzi
  • Lilanie Louw
    Lilanie Louw
  • Linda Burke
    Linda Burke
  • Louise Brits
    Louise Brits
  • Louise Siebert
    Louise Siebert
  • Lucia Nortje
    Lucia Nortje
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    Lyle Landsman
  • Madeleine Marais
    Madeleine Marais
  • Maphefo Sebambo
    Maphefo Sebambo
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    Marcel Biesenbach
  • Margerie Maartens
    Margerie Maartens
  • Margi Wagner
    Margi Wagner
  • Margie Botes
    Margie Botes
  • Maria Kuhn
    Maria Kuhn
  • Marié du Raan
    Marié du Raan
  • Mariuské Godsil
    Mariuské Godsil
  • Maryke Oberholzer
    Maryke Oberholzer
  • Maryke Peiser
    Maryke Peiser
  • Melaney Maasdorp
    Melaney Maasdorp
  • Mpho Monageng
    Mpho Monageng
  • Nelia van der Westhuyzen
    Nelia van der Westhuyzen
  • Niel Cronje
    Niel Cronje
  • Nielisha Manipershad
    Nielisha Manipershad
  • Niyi Oladimeji
    Niyi Oladimeji
  • Nontle Bavuma
    Nontle Bavuma
  • Ntsakisi Shabangu
    Ntsakisi Shabangu
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    Pat Coetzee
  • Portia Phetla
    Portia Phetla
  • Primrose Lemekwane
    Primrose Lemekwane
  • Prudence Nkosi
    Prudence Nkosi
  • Rachel Pienaar
    Rachel Pienaar
  • Raynhardt Noeth
    Raynhardt Noeth
  • Riaan du Plessis
    Riaan du Plessis
  • Riaan van Deventer
    Riaan van Deventer
  • Rita Calaca
    Rita Calaca
  • Ritzva Seelane
    Ritzva Seelane
  • Ronald van Scheltema
    Ronald van Scheltema
  • Roshelle Mungal
    Roshelle Mungal
  • Sahil Singh
    Sahil Singh
  • Santa Reynolds
    Santa Reynolds
  • Seipati Tibane
    Seipati Tibane
  • Shaine Webb
    Shaine Webb
  • Shayne Bornman
    Shayne Bornman
  • Shimone Boje
    Shimone Boje
  • Sinikiwe Mphofu
    Sinikiwe Mphofu
  • Sipho Mnisi
    Sipho Mnisi
  • Steyn Weideman
    Steyn Weideman
  • Stone Mabena
    Stone Mabena
  • Tania van Rooyen
    Tania van Rooyen
  • Tarryn Da Costa
    Tarryn Da Costa
  • Tertius van Zyl
    Tertius van Zyl
  • Thomas Slabbert
    Thomas Slabbert
  • Tish Niemand
    Tish Niemand
  • Tyron Rossouw
    Tyron Rossouw
  • Vanessa Chaplog
    Vanessa Chaplog
  • Vusi Khoza
    Vusi Khoza
  • Willem Jansen van Rensburg
    Willem Jansen van Rensburg
  • Willie Bornman
    Willie Bornman
  • Wilma Botha
    Wilma Botha
  • Wilmarie Swart
    Wilmarie Swart
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    Xavier De Buck
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    Zani Nortje
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    Zet-Zet Zama
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    Zita Bohm