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    785 Naivasha Road Sunninghill Sandton 2157

About NRG - Sandton

SA National Realtors (NRG) established operations in November 2011. We have combined real estate and marketing experience since 1990. We they love property and what property represents : SECURITY and STABILITY for families and home owners. We firmly believe in the ultimate value of real property rights and private property ownership.It is the energy, enthusiasm and professional of the individual founders that have brought us together. Despite, individual successes, we all value the culture of supporting and working together, assisting each other to achieve highest potential both for our agents and for our clients. Respect for the clients and respect for the property transaction process underlies all our success. It is this culture of collaboration that also resonates to their agents and we constantly strive to motive and encourage our agents to achieve their highest potential and to deliver consistent service excellence to clients.

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